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Serving Lumberton, Pembroke
Saint Pauls & Surrounding Areas
Serving Lumberton, Pembroke
Saint Pauls & Surrounding Areas

Workers Comp Attorney in Lumberton, NC

Man in need of workers comp in Lumberton, NC
When accidents on the job lead to injuries, your best hope of being treated fairly lies in the involvement of a workers’ comp attorney. The firm of Richard Townsend, Attorney at Law in Lumberton offers the experienced representation of a disability attorney, so that when your life has been disrupted by workplace injuries, you can turn your focus toward recovering rather than navigating the legal complications of seeking benefits and appropriate settlements. As an employee, you deserve medical attention and financial support when you’ve been hurt on the job. All too often, injured workers are left to fend for themselves. Each lawyer in our firm is here to protect your rights.

SSDI and SSI Representation

If you have permanent medical struggles in Pembroke, you may qualify for benefits you could claim when your ailment prevents you from working. An SSDI attorney helps you seek the Social Security Disability Insurance that is available when you’ve already worked for a certain amount of time. An SSI attorney assists you in securing the Supplemental Security Income that is available to elderly or disabled people with very low financial support. Our work as Social Security disability attorneys offers protection for residents of Saint Pauls who may be suffering financially because of injuries or disabilities.

Also Serving Saint Pauls & Pembroke

If you’ve been hurt on the job, a workers’ compensation attorney fights on your behalf. If you’re seeking Social Security benefits, legal representation may be the means to a successful claim. Have you been affected by the lemon law? Our Richard Townsend, Attorney at Law firm represents clients from Pembroke, Lumberton and Saint Pauls. Give us a call at 910-739-7518 for a free consultation.

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