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Serving Lumberton, Pembroke
Saint Pauls & Surrounding Areas
Serving Lumberton, Pembroke
Saint Pauls & Surrounding Areas

Compassionate Slip and Fall Lawyer in Lumberton

slip and fall injury
Most people who suffer a slip and fall attempt to return to their job, life and routine and do not realize the need for a lawyer until they are unable to carry on as before. Richard Townsend, Attorney at Law, offers legal representation to clients in Lumberton in this situation. If you have been the victim of a slip or trip and fall, consequences such as medical bills, lingering pain and reduced mobility are all reasons to seek out a slip and fall attorney. Hiring a lawyer can help you pursue compensation and achieve justice.

Proving Negligence for Your Case

The crux of any premises liability case is proving liability. This means it must be proved that an individual or entity’s negligence is to blame for your accident. Circumstances that may qualify include these:
  • Flooring in a store was broken
  • Surface was wet and slippery
  • Broken lighting contributed to issue
  • Object was placed in pathway

Serving Saint Pauls & Pembroke Areas

Enduring an accident such as a slip and fall is stressful, and it often inflicts a host of other consequences on your life. You may be dealing with medical bills, lost wages and anxiety as a result of the incident. These are just a few of the reasons hiring a slip and fall attorney is a wise investment. Richard Townsend, Attorney at Law, represents clients in areas such as Lumberton, Pembroke and Saint Pauls. Out office can help assemble your case and fight for justice. We also serve clients who are recovering from car accidents and other injuries, so if you are ready to reach out for the legal assistance you need, let us help. Call us at 910-739-7518 to set up a consultation.

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